Advancing the Understanding and Treatment of Heart Diseases


OSPIN is a young company with the mission to automate and scale up the production of artificial biological tissues and organs to industrial dimensions. Tissue Engineering offers countless possibilities for applications in regenerative and personalized medicine. However, since manufacturing is still mostly based on tedious manual procedures reproducibility is limited and the costs are prohibitive. To address this challenge, OSPIN is developing automated and scalable technologies increasing throughput in research and forming the base for successful commercialization of tissue engineered products.

OSPIN's modular bioprocessing fluidic-based platform supports cultivation of different tissue models representing a flexible foundation for countless applications. Through an intuitive user interface arbitrary automated production processes can be defined. The compact, integrated and stackable bioreactor systems are independent of incubators and save valuable lab space. Automation and ease-of-use significantly reduce technical complexity in tissue engineering thus enabling users to focus on their biological and medical expertise.

Within the EMAPS-Cardio project, OSPIN leads the Bioreactor platform development, including electrical and mechanical stimulation which will be downscaled to be applicable for drug screening applications. Furthermore, it provides an automatic bioreactor platform to study the influence of electrical, mechanical stimulation, along with the influence of the environment conditions (such as pH, T, DO) to maturate CMs from hiPSCs.

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