Advancing the Understanding and Treatment of Heart Diseases

IMC – State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine

The State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine (IMC) has been working as an open access centre for research and experimental development (R&D) since 2014. A wide range of scientific equipment has been established at IMC, seeking to enhance research opportunities for scientists and encourage business companies to use the scientific research services provided at IMC and to broaden collaboration.

Main fields of expertise at IMC include tissue engineering and stimulation of regeneration; stem cell research (primary human mesenchymal stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, muscle cells, chondrocytes, etc.); search of tissue-specific biomarkers in various health and disease models; electrophysiological studies in primary human cells, immunological responses; exosome application in degenerative diseases treatment; etc. IMC employs 100 researchers (60 of them have a PhD degree). Main research interests are focused on stem cells skeletal and cardiac tissues, muscle, cartilage, lung defects and regeneration, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, tissue engineering, immunology, clinical cardiology and rheumatology, electro-, mechano- and other stimulations of cell culture in vitro systems and analysis of their response association with in vivo electrophysiological processes, etc.

Interest of IMC researchers is focussed on the investigation and characterization of tissue specific adult mesenchymal muscle- or cardiac tissue-derived cells, and in their involvement in regeneration processes as well as in induced pluripotent stem cells and regulation of their differentiation. Modern stem cell and molecular biology methods at protein and gene expression levels are well implemented at IMC. Additionally, the researchers have experiences in investigation of cellular responses to electro- and mechano- cell stimulations and their investigation using electrophysiological methods in order to develop tissues biomimiking 3D systems in vitro.

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