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CSEM, founded in 1984, is a private research and technology organization, specialized in microtechnology, nanotechnology, life sciences, microelectronics, systems engineering, and communications technologies. Its mission is to enhance the competitiveness of Swiss and European industry by developing applied technology platforms and transferring them to the industrial sector. Over time, CSEM developed two main mechanisms of creating value for the economy and society: by direct technology transfer to industry and by creating spin-off companies. Direct transfer has resulted in number of new products, in medical, life sciences, automotive, aeronautics, security and space industries. In spinning-off companies, CSEM was also very successful, since it created 24 companies over the last 7 years, with turnover above €49 Mio and more than 500 new jobs, and through the additional venture capital investment of more than €120 Mio.

CSEM has long-term and widespread competencies in the development of complex systems and microsystems, in particular also for applications concerning lab automation and life sciences instrumentation. These competencies include microfluidics & liquid handling, optics & packaging, sensors & systems, and robotics & automation. Specifically, core competences are available in a) design, modelling, and fabrication of electro-chemical sensors, a) design, modelling, and fabrication of optical sensors such as for O2 concentration measurement, b) design, modelling, and fabrication of (micro) fluidic systems, and c) system integration of compact systems for laboratory instrumentation and automation. Around 60 highly qualified collaborators work in the field of Tools for Life Sciences across CSEM. They combine many scientific disciplines and provide the competences needed for the management of complex state-of the-art technologies including the application area life sciences.

Within the EMAPS-Cardio project, CSEM is responsible for the development of the contractility sensor and read out system.

Bahnhofstrasse 1
7302 Landquart

Main Contacts

David Schmid
Principal investigator, system engineering, sensors
Jonas Goldowsky
Vision, automation, SW
Felix Kurth
Sensor to CM interface
Samantha Paoletti
Support to industrial sector
Vincent Revol
Digital transformation in the lab