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BIOFAB – Biofabics Lda

BIOFABICS LDA is an R&D startup company specialized in 3D Biotissue Analogues. In particular, BIOFABICS LDA develops:

  1. Tailor-Made Implants and Bioreactors for research and implantation
  2. Body-Like Environments for study of cells and tissues in in vivo-like states
  3. Customizable, Truly 3D Organ-on-Chip Devices for drug discovery and personalized diagnostic/treatment

The current main activity of BIOFABICS LDA is to provide R&D services to companies and labs around the world who are looking to employ novel, more accurate, and more reliable tissue/organ models in their own research activities. At the moment, BIOFABICS LDA is in the process of evolving from a solely R&D service provider to a product provider as well. BIOFABICS LDA draws its expertise and know-how from its team’s decades of research and innovation activities at the intersection of fields such as Biofabrication, Microfluidics, Organs-on-Chip Technologies, Bioreactor Technologies, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, Biomaterials, Cell & Tissue Biology as well as Mechatronics & Software Development.

BIOFABICS main tasks in the project are the development and manufacturing of organ-on-chip devices and the integration of electromechanoactive scaffolds with bioactive scaffolds and sensors.

Biofabics Lda
Rua Alfredo Allen 455
4200-135 Porto

Main Contacts

Pedro Costa