Advancing the Understanding and Treatment of Heart Diseases

CNRS – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

The French National Center for Scientific Research is a public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. As a multidisciplinary institution, it covers all scientific disciplines, from mathematics to human sciences. With a staff of 34,000 (of which 11,500 researchers), CNRS is organized around 10 institutes which orchestrate its scientific policy. CNRS has a budget of approximately €3.3 billion. CNRS contributes to the visibility of French research worldwide, through 30 international joint units, 11 offices abroad and partnership agreements with more than 60 countries. At the national level, its 1,053 laboratories, including 95% in partnership with universities, higher-education institutions and other research organizations, are present throughout France. Among them, LAAS (Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems, located in Toulouse, is the laboratory participating to this project. LAAS gathers about 180 staff scientists (from both CNRS and University of Toulouse), 90 engineers and 150 PhD students and post-docs working on five main areas: Micro-Nanosystems, Automatic Control, Computer Science, Production Control, and Robotics. LAAS-CNRS is one of the five selected academic technology centers joining the French National Network of Large Technological Facilities for Basic technological Research (BTR) in Micro and Nanotechnologies.

CNRS will be in charge of the design and fabrication of the electromechanical scaffold made of conductive and the integration of this scaffold with bioactive scaffolds and sensors. In LAAS, we have a strong experience in the development and use of conductive polymers for artificial muscles and soft actuators. We have also developed soft implantable electrodes with conductive polymers for stimulation and recording of brain activities.

7 avenue du Colonel Roche
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