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InoCure s.r.o.

InoCure is an SME focused on development of eletrospinning and electrospraying devices and associated technologies. InoCure has three products enrolled in the market: InoSpin – modular electrospinning unit, InoMatrix – electrospun scaffolds for 3D cell-culture, and nanofibrous filters for medical masks and respirators. InoCure is also actively involved in R&D activities with more than 50% of staff working in research. Research activities are focused on applications of electrospinning, especially for the development of scaffolds for the tissue engineering and organotypic models applications, and development of drug delivery systems. Currently, InoCure is involved in six H2020 projects: three (ipOsteos, actiTOX, SWORD) focused on electrospun scaffolds, and three (nanoFEED, iDirect, transMED) focused on advanced drug delivery systems.

In the EMAPS-Cardio project, InoCure is responsible for the development of the bioactive elastic membranes by electrospinning. InoCure will use their proprietary emulsion electrospinning technology and 10 years of experience in the field to produce core-shell fibres with encapsulated active molecules. Once released, active molecules will stimulate the maturation of the hiPSC-CMs. Similar systems were already developed for other organotypic models (bone, lung, skin, liver). InoCure will optimize the electrospinning process to achieve the needed active molecule release profiles that maximize the maturation of cardiomyocytes. The focus will also be paid on obtaining electrospun fibres with optimum morphology (nano/microfibers), fibre alignment (aligned vs random), and mechanical properties (low elastic modulus, high elastic yield). To achieve that, InoCure will take advantage of the modularity of their devices to find the most appropriate set of collectors and electrodes. Moreover, InoCure will closely collaborate with CNRS to develop the aligned fibres that will further be used to produce electroactive polymer-based and their optimization. InoCure will also work with CNRS to fabricate the final scaffold that combines both, electroactive polymers and bioactive polymers. Finally, InoCure will provide scaffolds for development of the hiPSC differentiation and characterization protocols and will also share their expertise in development of such protocols on scaffold-based cultures. InoCure will also appoint the scientific coordinator to help coordinate the technical and scientific aspects of the proposal.

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