Advancing the Understanding and Treatment of Heart Diseases

Stakeholder Input on Social Dimensions of Heart-on-Chip Technology wanted

EMAPS-Cardio partner Biotalentum Ltd. developed an open questionnaire to collect stakeholders' input on the social implications of heart-on-chip technology.

One of the central goals of the EMAPS-Cardio project is to develop a new platform for growth and maturation of cardiac microtissues for adult-like organotypic models. In pursuing this goal and for its exploitation activities more generally, the EMAPS-Cardio consortium places high importance on sustainable development. Thus, during the third project period, the project's innovation activities focus on a sustainability evaluation pursuing two goals:

  • to identify and assess the social benefits of heart-on-chip technology; and
  • to push the development of the technology towards safe and socially acceptable production.

To this end, the team of work package leader Biotalentum developed an online questionnaire to identify relevant social issues and is looking for all stakeholders to submit their answers. No matter the background, input by experts working in the field of heart-on-chip technology as well as by non-professionals interested in or affected by heart diseases is highly welcome. If you would like to contribute to the progress of EMAPS-Cardio, please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire by following this link.

Please note that by clicking this link, you are leaving the EMAPS-Cardio website.