Advancing the Understanding and Treatment of Heart Diseases

EMAPS-Cardio Partner CSEM Hosts Scientific Meeting on Their Premises in Switzerland

In February, coordinating institution LAAS-CNRS and partners IMC, BIOFAB and CSEM met for an on-site meeting at the CSEM facilities in beautiful Switzerland to discuss some shared tasks in detail and get hands-on experience in the lab.

On the first day, the experimental procedure of the EMAPS-Cardio project was discussed in detail. Focus points lay on cell seeding, EMAPS scaffold preparation and assembly for later contractility measurements in the readout unit. Additionally, the current readout module prototype was demonstrated, allowing the parallel readout of the contractility of 24 cardiac tissues in real time. Additionally, a hybrid meeting for all partners was hosted in the afternoon to share the most recent progress in the individual work packages.

On the second day, the spotlight was put on the integration of the readout module with a Stage-Top-Incubator, which allows long-term monitoring of the cardiac tissues’ contractility during their maturation.

The consortium is meeting again for its second consortium and general assembly meeting in June 2023. All partners will be invited to join this forthcoming meeting, which will be held in Portugal and hosted by partner BIOFAB.

Some impressions from the meeting at CSEM are included below.